Oh Microsoft, Didn’t You Get the Memo?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Walking through Grand Central last night I noticed that the gawd awful <a href=" Makers Mark posters slash lame interactive video screen were replaced by “I’m a PC” posters. The pieces show images of the people we saw in the TV spots, each with a different quip about who they are. Yawn. Repetition. Yawn.

Near the shuttle we saw the poster shown above of PC poser Pharrell Williams. Click continued to see the video of him saying he’s a Mac guy.


Apparently Microsoft wasn’t concerned about the issue &#151 even though it completely erodes the point they’re trying to make. Hmm. So much for organically corralling real people and thereby convincing the world that real folks use PCs. Kinda annoys us that for a half-second we thought this might be a real-deal campaign. Oh well, just another day in advertising.

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