Take 5 Oil Change Brings Back the Funny in its ‘Faster Than You Think’ Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

Take 5 Oil Change, a fast-growing franchise of oil change and car wash outlets, has launched the next phase of its silly “Faster Than You Think” marketing campaign—with a new series of spots that take getting a fast oil change and car wash to the absurd limit.

The original “Faster Than You Think” campaign debuted last year and featured people unprepared to be done with their services, like a guy who guzzles his coffee because he didn’t have time during his oil change—and a moonwalker who wants vending machine treats. The campaign returns to showcase the speed of getting an oil change and a car wash in new and unexpected ways.


In one spot, a lounge singer gets no time to do her vocal warmup before the night’s big show, which ends in a gloriously offkey performance. In another, a woman doesn’t have enough time to finish knitting the sweaters she’s making for her family, resulting in a classically silly family photo.

In two others, a man doesn’t have time to insert his hearing aid before his car service is complete and another patron doesn’t have time to fix his garage door opener.

Created by independent agency Erich and Kallman, this newest iteration introduces Take 5 Car Wash as well and reinforces that having your car serviced at Take 5 is “Fast, Friendly, and Simple,” getting you in, out and back on the road faster than you can imagine. The campaign focuses on the brand truth that at Take 5, you stay in your car because an oil change or car wash is faster than you think.

“This year, in addition to our oil change service, we are expanding the campaign to also introduce our fast and friendly car wash,” said Brady Noon, chief marketing officer, Take 5. “‘Faster Than You Think’ has brought a lot of laughs to our customers, as well as a lot of growth to the Take 5 business by pairing a unique brand insight with a smart creative idea. We look forward to seeing how our customers respond to the next chapter of our brand’s story, as Take 5 opens more new locations across the country.”

The national integrated campaign consists of TV, radio, digital video, social media and digital display.

“Our overall approach is grounded in the idea that Take 5’s service is so bafflingly fast, the customer won’t even have time to do a variety of activities. We took that idea and ran with it, coming up with a new bunch of new ridiculous activities that can’t be completed faster than an oil change or car wash. That’s the beauty of ‘Faster Than You Think’—the creative opportunities are endless under this brand umbrella,” said Eric Kallman, chief creative officer and co-founder, Erich and Kallman, which was named Take 5’s agency of record in 2021.

Erich and Kallman worked with director Harold Einstein, who directed last year’s campaign, to bring the creative vision to life again.