Sylvain Chomet Latest to Gain Invite to Animate ‘The Simpsons’ Couch Gag

By Erik Oster 

Th1ng director/animator Sylvain Chomet received a personal request from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening to animate the iconic “couch gag” that concludes the opening credits of the show, now entering its 26th season. Obviously, you don’t turn down a personal request from Matt Groenig, so the three-time Oscar nominee Chomet offered up a distinctly French take on the gag, which was just revealed online today.

Chomet joins an illustrious list of individuals invited by Groening to animate the sequence, including Bill Plympton, Banksy, and Guillermo Del Toro. Indeed, in recent years the couch gag has all too often overshadowed the rest of the episode. Executive producer Dominic Buttimore (Bart Simpson would have a field day with that one), a longtime collaborator, “worked closely with Chomet to create and storyboard the concept for the animation sequence, which was immediately met with ‘laughter and appreciation’ by Groening and Simpsons’ longtime show-runner/producer Al Jean. Jean went as far as to call the experience a “dream come true.”


The new couch gag (featured above) is one of the show’s best, thanks to some great jokes and Chomet’s inimitable animation style. It will air during the episode “Diggs” this Sunday, March 9th. Stick around after the jump for credits and couch gags from Plympton and Banksy.


Production Company: th1ng
Director: Sylvain Chomet
Exec Producer: Dominic Buttimore
Producer: Ru Warner
Lead Animator: Neil Boyle
Animator: Peter Dodd
Assistant Animator: Justine Waldie
Assistant Animator: Alan Henry
Assistant Animator: Angeline De Silva
Assistant Animator: Gerry Gallego
Assistant Animator: Jay Wren
Assistant Animator: Katarina Kremasiota
Animo Compositor: Donna Spencer
Compositor: Kirk Hendry
Colourist: Danny Atkinson
Music: Sylvain Chomet
Sound Design and Music: Oliver Davis
SFX Track Lay: Tom Russell at We Write Music 
Film Company: Gracie Films & 20th Century Fox
Executive Producers: James L. Brooks, Matt Groening & Al Jean
Animation House: Film Roman, a Starz Media Company