IKEA Transforms Cosplay Mess

By Erik Oster 

IKEA is certainly no stranger to goofy promotional videos, and their latest centers around a cosplaying civil servant from Singapore named Frank.

Franks’s hobby is beginning to make life in his small apartment difficult. With “many costumes and lots of raw materials lying around,” there’s not room for much else in Frank’s room. So, in a stop-motion sequence featuring anime-tastic music, the IKEA crew comes in and cleans things up. Demonstrating IKEA’s storage solutions, all Frank’s costumes remain in his room, neatly stored away, and there’s room for him to, you know, walk around and stuff.

“Is this even my room?” Frank asks. As he walks around appreciating the transformation, the video highlights certain IKEA products responsible for the improvements, closing with the “Make Space Better” tagline. It’s a pretty clever way to show how IKEA’s storage solutions can transform a small space, although we suspect some may be turned off by the whole cosplay thing.