SuperHeroes New York Promotes ASUS with Bird Selfies

By Erik Oster 

SuperHeroes New York is promoting the ASUS Transformer Book T100HA with an app promising an “interactive selfie cam AR experience” featuring a bird with arms named Edward.

Entitled “Hello Edward!” the app is simple to use: just take a selfie and it automatically adds Edward, a bird with arms, to the pic. If you’re the kind of person to find that idea appealing, you may also like the ad/promo above. It shows an elderly couple birdwatching, dismayed at finding nothing but drones until they see a young man using the app and spot Edward. After the man explains what the app does, the woman admits, “I don’t understand any of those words you just said.” The approach seems to be aiming for a “WTF” type reaction that gets the video shared on social media, but it will probably just leave most people confused.

“We wanted to provide a experience in mobile marketing and loved good old AR,” explains SuperHeroes New York executive creative director Rogier Vijverberg. “Using your face as the AR marker for it just made sense. Everyone has a face, and a smartphone with selfie cam.”