Subaru’s Got a Fast Car

By Matt McCarron 

I hate Tracy Chapman’s song, “Fast Car.” It drags on, it’s depressing, and it’s catchy enough to get stuck in my head for days. So, it was with great frustration that the song crept into my mind while I viewed Subaru’s latest commercials for their new 2011 WRX and STI.

Developed by Carmichael Lynch, Subaru’s four new commercials show everyday people (Lewis, Lana, Sandra, Luis, and Danny) speeding with rally driver Dave Mirra as he ducks in and out of turns and “drifts” around concrete columns (yeah I saw Fast and the Furious 3, get off me) while slamming the gear shift up and down. The spots work perfectly with the tagline “Get More G’s,” and we even dig the tennis ball being peeled off the skull. (Why not?)


It’s hard to say which spot is our favorite. Lewis (posted above) is great, expressions on tatted up Luis are priceless, and we have a sneaky feeling that our male readers will enjoy watching the spot with Lana. And you gotta love Sandra! Well done, Carmichael Lynch. Check out the other spots after the jump.

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