StrawberryFrog Tells ‘A Girl Story’ in Film Series

By Kiran Aditham 

In today’s campaign for a good cause news, we bring you StrawberryFrog’s “donation-based” film series “A Girl Story” for global non-profit org Nanhi Kali, which seeks to change the lives of impoverished girls.

“Girl Story” follows the path of a fictional character named Tarla, who is based on a composite of real-life girls that Nanhi Kali has helped in the past. Tarla wants to go to school to better her life. Whether Tarla succeeds, however, is up to the viewer, as her story will progress only via audience donations unlocking new chapters.


Those who visit the “Girl Story” site can watch the animated tale unfold chapter-by-chapter thanks to a YouTube API which SF programmed to allow Tarla to transition from one frame to the next. Those who do donate will receive updates on Tarla’s journey; the journey will end, though, for the rest of you cheapskates that don’t.

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