StrawberryFrog Going More Global

By SpyWriter 

In the wake of what seems to be a shift in the tide of what European countries hold the most appeal in terms of global marketing, StrawberryFrog appears to have taken notice. The shop has moved it’s global operation from Amsterdam to New York las year. It’s Amsterdam office was bought out and has since rebranded as Amsterdam Worldwide (headed by CEO Brian Elliot).

Amsterdam once deemed the “European Advertising Capital” has all but lost that crown. This Amsterdam Weekly article references just how quickly Amsterdam’s buzz has died down. It makes mention of the difficulties of finding young creatives there. And, while some still find Amsterdam inspiring, others think it’s become too expensive and rests too much on its laurels.

StrawberryFrog seems quick to recognize that and has made the adjustments necessary to sustain a more global company. Last year, SF moved headquarters to New York and is moving its European operations to London. They are working with partners there to identify talent and global clients. And while their global business is currently being run from their NY office, SF has over $2 mil of global advertising running in Europe. StrawberryFrog, founder and CEO, Scott Goodson mentions that SF has also won a lot of new global business.


It’s no secret that StrawberryFrog has been successful by being smart and ahead of the game. They’ve been one of the most talked about shops since their inception in 1999. Goodson says, “I think it’s fair to say that in today’s ever changing market you need to stay entirely agile while remaining focused on delivering innovation, strategic and creative excellence.” And that’s exactly what StrawberryFrog seems to be doing. I see this as just another smart move on their list of good calls.

Note: Corrections were made to reflect some inconsistencies in the original post.