Strawberry Frog Cuts Jrs, Picks Up 3 Srs

By Matt Van Hoven 

Happy Monday all, Strawberry Frog joins the list of agencies to layoff a few, but not in the same way others have.

Our investigation started with a tip that SF laid off “25 percent” of its New York staff, and the CFO quit. A quick e-mail to agency Founder and CEO Scott Goodson revealed that seven “junior” staff were “released” to make room for three “senior” staffers.


They include Jon Wall and Barry Smith, meaning they left AKQA. They’re set to begin July 1. Enjoy your stay, fellas.

Update: As for (former) CFO Kerry Quinn left SF, as in quit, to work with long-time colleague Steve Hardwick, president Grey New York, says our anonymous spy.

We hear two of the “firings” were not junior people, but change seems to be for the best. Good luck y’all.

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Here’s what Goodson wrote to us.

“We have won significant new business in the media innovations and digital space. Regrettably we did release 7 junior staff in order to replace them with 3 senior staff, including Jon Wall and Barry Smith who have joined StrawberryFrog from AKQA July 1st. We have sufficient resources internally and externally to manage the financial and operational aspects of our business.”

Wonder what “significant new business in the media innovations and digital space” means. Care to follow up, Mr. Goodson? I’m sure he will, once the release is prepped.

Until then, read a bit more about Strawberry Frog, here.