CE Iniatives For Internal Use Only

By Matt Van Hoven 

We recently published a post about some new things the kids at Campbell-Ewald are apparently doing to give back to the community. The original article with accompanying video can be found here.

But Jeff Scott gave us the down low (read: info, not snarky blogger).

Here’s what Mr. Scott had to say about the situation.


“A bit of confusion here, I think. The video was meant to let staff and prospective staff know about the agency’s internal initiatives to give back to the community. So, in answer to your question about how to get involved…become a Campbell-Ewald employee! Or, do your own good works your own good way, and keep on covering us so well.”

So there you have it. I’d recommend heading to a local animal shelter to walk a dog if you want to give back &#151 no amount of community service can erase the sins of advertising.