Steve-O is Back for Liquid Death With His Own Voodoo Doll

By tlstanley 

From the brand that drew Tony Hawk’s blood to decorate skateboards comes the latest celebrity-and-body-part stunt. This time, Liquid Death has shaved Steve-O’s head and used his salt-and-pepper hair as stuffing for 300 fully-hexed voodoo dolls.

As a precursor to spooky season, the canned water with a punk attitude drops the limited-time “all natural” merchandise today, along with a video detailing the making-of process. For the skeptical, Liquid Death’s vice president of creative Andy Pearson promises authenticity.

“This thing is 100% real,” Pearson told Adweek. “We personally shaved Steve-O’s head and delivered that jar of his hair to a voodoo practitioner who helped make the dolls by hand and activate every single one of them.”


Steve-O, part of the Jackass crew, previously proved his loyalty to the brand and announced himself as an official ambassador last year by getting a water tattoo of its logo on his neck. The skinvertising touted “all the pain with none of the permanence” of real ink.

This is the TV and film actor’s first “supernatural stunt,” per the brand, which bills itself as an entertainment company that sells sustainably-minded beverages.

“I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t creep me out,” Steve-O said in a statement,”but I love Liquid Death so much, I said f*ck it.”

Others, including Steve-O’s fiance, are “very legitimately freaked out” by the swag and a few celebrity friends of the brand “did not want to receive one” as a gift, Pearson said. Fans who are game can pick one up for $125 on Liquid Death’s website.