SportsCenter, Cavs’ Mascot Are the Latest to Weigh in on Kobe’s Retirement

By Patrick Coffee 

Oh hey, did you know Kobe Bryant is leaving pro basketball?? Like, whoa.

Dude is more omnipresent than the crying Jordan meme this week. On this day alone we have seen three Wieden + Kennedy ads revolving around his well-scheduled plans to retire from pro sports so he can sink his millions into shady investments or, hopefully, do something productive with all that money for once.

The latest one is about a card passing around ESPN’s offices in an effort to wish the man the best as he moves on to the next stage of his life.

We like how there were no celebrities involved…just anchor Kenny Mayne and Mr. CC.


And it was funny because the Cavs are good and the Lakers definitely are not…?

The dude will stay busy and rich, in case you were wondering. Today Nike confirmed that it will continue making new Kobe shoes in addition to “remastering” some of the oldies, and 2K Sports has already started taking pre-orders for NBA2k17 to “honor” his retirement even though the game won’t come out for more than six months.

If he somehow feels like he needs more attention at this point, then we don’t really know what to say.