Humanaut’s Latest for Organic Valley Issues a ‘Real Morning Report’ About Breakfast Habits

By Erik Oster 

Last month, Organic Valley appointed Chattanooga-based brand invention agency Humanaut as its lead creative agency following a year-long collaboration which included the agency’s “Save the Bros” campaign for Organic Valley’s Organic Fuel protein shake.

[Ed. note: We were perhaps a bit too harsh on the initial bros campaign. You know we get a lot of these.]

Anyway, the agency has released a new campaign promoting Organic Valley’s Organic Balance milk protein shake as a way of dealing with hectic mornings. It’s a different approach for sure.

While a far cry from the agency’s approach in “Save the Bros,” the 90-second “Real Morning Report” does have some similarities to that spot–primarily the sardonic humor.

It opens by taking aim at advertising’s typical depictions of women’s morning routines. “Like  most women in commercials, I love to start each day doing yoga in my underwear,” begins one woman, “or journaling in my journaling nook,” chimes in another, while a third adds that she enjoys eating a farm fresh breakfast with a rather special piece of silverware.


The jump to reality comes when a woman states, while brushing her teeth, that most professional women don’t have time for any of that crap. Various characters cite statistics throughout the ad such as the fact that 21 percent will check their work email before getting out of bed, that 33 percent “never make our bed…like ever,” and 21 percent have used an article of clothing to camouflage a stain. The brand pivot is an entirely predictable one: all of these women do have time for “an organic breakfast in a bottle” with Organic Balance.

While selling such a product for its convenience during hectic mornings isn’t exactly anything innovative, the real life morning routines keep things from seeming too stale. The numbers the integrated digital campaign cites are from a SoundView Research study of over 1,000 American women aged 25 to 54 who work full time, so they aren’t just pulling these statistics from thin air, and the “Real Morning Report” itself can be found on a campaign landing site

“Despite what our Facebook and Instagram feeds may look like, our sense was that people’s lives, especially women’s lives, are becoming even more hectic and busy,” Humanaut founder and CCO David Littlejohn told The Drum. “And mornings are the time we are all rushing and juggling the most. The idea that anyone has time for a wholesome, organic farm-fresh breakfast in the morning seemed laughable.”

That’s so true, bro.