Special Ops Media Cashes Out

By SuperSpy 

You remember Special Ops Media right? They were on the forefront of that digital wave and making big headlines. Well, they’re still around with bill Digital advertising agency Special Ops Media announced today that it was acquired by LBi International, a global marketing and technology agency. WAPO is reporting the purchase price will be in the range of $20 million to $45 million, depending on future performance.

Special Ops was founded in 2002 by Jason Klein and Christian Anthony who said:

“Our exciting partnership with LBi offers us the opportunity to provide our clients with an unprecedented menu of digital marketing services and unparalleled global access. Our entire team, always motivated to service our clients with commitment and innovation, will look to LBi as a superb platform for growth, and global opportunity.”


So, who the hell are LBi? Turns out they are a global marketing and technology agency, employing approximately 1,500 bodies primarily in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Milan, Mumbai, New York, Paris and Stockholm. Okay. We’ve been educated.

The Night Agency? No, no loooong shot. Poke or Deep Focus? Nah. They’re like Sid Vicious and shit. They do it their way.