Making A Different Set Of Rules

By SuperSpy 

“Gonna change my way of thinking/
Make myself a different set of rules/
Gonna change my way of thinking/
Make myself a different set of rules/
Gonna put my good foot forward/
And stop being influenced by fools/”

Super Spy here, the OG and good morning ad world! Okay, so take these Bob Dylan lyrics to heart, yeah? Changes are afoot.


So, first thing – as you know, there are three of us now blogging away. I do hope that you like the new point of views and the plethora of posts. Remember to check who wrote a post. Trust. We are all very different, and yet, awesome people. In the mean time, let us know what you love and hate. The comments section awaits.

Speaking of comments, onto point two. On the Mediabistro version of Agency Spy, Mamabistro has enacted Disqus, which means comments can now be made on the site. Hoorah!

Point three – the Mediabistro version now has FULL RSS FEEDS. Get your RSS right here, baby.

Long time readers (and I thank you), you know what this means, right? The WordPress site isn’t long for this world. However, this time Mamabistro has listened to you and provided all the tools you need to make a successful migration.

You’ll probably see a post like this again in the next few days, as we prepare to integrate the two sites. Oh my god. I feel so topical. Integrating. Sexy.

Alright, so that’s the news. Thanks for reading Agency Spy. Seriously.

Super Spy