Sony Xperia Makes Short Trip Home an Adventurous One

By Kiran Aditham 

McCann NY and director Paul Hunter are behind this :60 spot that promotes Sony’s Xperia ion, which marks the electronics giant’s first attempt at launching a 4G LTE smartphone in the US. The lad above has quite the adventure, albeit a short one, in this ad called  “One Block,” which comes equipped with the obligatory Amazing Spider-Man tie-in as well as some chipper Matt & Kim music and, why not, a raging war scene. Our smartphone-loving protagonist, though, is totally impervious (sound familiar?), weathering it all and finding comfort in the safety of his home, couch and furry friend. Uh, dude, look behind you. Credits after the jump.


Agency: McCann New York

Chairman: Linus Karlsson

Vice Chairman: Andreas Dahlqvist

Co-Chief Creative Officers: Tom Murphy, Sean Bryan

Creative Directors: Jason Schmall, Mat Bisher

Executive Producer: Greg Lotus

Production Company: Prettybird

Director: Paul Hunter

DP: Larry Fong

Executive Producer: Ali Brown

Head of Production: Leslie Evers

Line Producer: Tom Meloth

Editorial: Final Cut

Editor: Stephen Berger

Visual Effects: Mass Market, Full Scale Effects

FX Supervisor: David Peterson