Some Nerds Rap About Snapple

By Bob Marshall 

The 80’s sure were a fun time for rap music. No one had to worry about hardcore gangstas bustin’ caps in our respective asses, and gold chains, Adidas shoes sans laces and a ghetto blasters on shoulders were national symbols of musical innovation and style.

Moxie Pictures director Tim Skousen undoubtedly remembers those times, and in his “Extraordinary Music Video” for Snapple and agency Deutsch, LA, he gives an obvious tip of the black fedora to the genre’s innovators, Run D.M.C. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen nerds rapping getting passed off as a viable marketing strategy. But, Snapple’s always been one to take some silly ideas and bring them to a strange level of absurdity.


Before you think, “Whatever, this is stupid,” realize that since this video landed on YouTube last week, its racked up nearly 400,000 views. With a silly enough song, enough bright colors and enough over-sized products, viral happens, even in parody. It knows its stupid, and that makes it just stupid enough to work. Credits after the jump…

Production Company: Moxie Pictures

Director: Tim Skousen

DP: Munn Powell

Executive Producers: Robert Fernandez, Lizzie Schwartz

Producer: Salli Zilles

Agency: Deutsch, LA

CD: Chris Ribeiro

Agency Producer: Tricia Kovack

Senior Copywriter: Ryan Scott

Senior Art Director: Ryan Hitzel

Editorial: Cut and Run, LA

Editor: Tad Fatum

Editorial Producer: Chris Girard

Online/VFX: Mitch Gardiner

Post Company: CO3, Bicoastal

Colorist: Jeremy Sawyer

Music/Sound: Critical Mass Productions, Santa Monica

EP/Co-Writer: H. Scott Salinas

Creative Director: Tobias Enhus