SoDA: The New Junior Mafia

By SuperSpy 

Something did happen at SXSW worth taking note of. Five agencies have gotten together to form yet another body of advertising folk called the Society Of (Super) Digital Agencies. Founding member agencies include AgencyNet, Big Spaceship, Blitz Agency, Domani Studios, Exopolis, Firstborn Multimedia, Grupo W, iChameleon Group, IQ Interactive,Juxt Interactive, Lightmaker, Mind Comet, Odopod, Schematic, Struck Design, WDDG, WhittmanHart and 360i. Membership is exclusive, invite-only folks.

According to Creativity, the idea is to “bring about best practices in a rapidly evolving marketing landscape. The group, which currently has a membership of 18 digital agencies, aims to leverage its members’ industry experience to share knowledge on how best to do business on digital projects with brand clients, agency clients and competitors, while also focusing on ethics and guidelines.”

In addition to trying to set guideline, the SoDA team want to also determine criteria about presenting work to interactive awards shows. So, um… riddle us this: why should anyone listen to these dudes? Just because you get together and form a club with some friends don’t mean shit. Eighteen shops, with a nice roster of work beneath them, is a nice start, but the need much bigger, badder players to get on board if they’re going to make a real difference. We wish them luck.