So, Why Is Grey SF In The Shitter?

By SuperSpy 

We posted about Grey SF’s blog going dark the other day. Not a big deal. Agency blogs are like vapor. Still, the comments on the post cannot be ignored. Posters lash out at Brad Fogel, EVP, and Betsy Sperry, Managing Director, for ruining Grey West. Our anonymous tip box overfloweth with righteous condemnation for either one or both of the pair. Other SF shops are holding it down, so what’s the problem? Is it their fault or is the one to be pinned on the mother ship, Grey Worldwide? The comments and tips would argue that it’s the dynamic duo and that rumors are circulating saying the shop will be closed in short order.

Lets take a closer look at Grey West’s recent history, shall we? Lets us see… The shop is in the BMW pitch and they are also in the… um, they are in the um… They also recently won… shit. Little help? As far as we can tell, all throughout 2008, this is the only pitch the shop has been in all year. True. It’s been a rough road for the shop. Remember that in 2007 they did that whole absorbing Grey LA thing while shuffling around ECDs and creatives. That sucked. So, who is paying the bills over there?

Never fear though. Sperry (pictured right) has a plan for this economic slowdown. From Adweek:

“WPP Group’s Grey West managing director Betsy Sperry saw diminishing work with the exit of Sandisk and a slowdown with some other clients, which include BMW West regional creative. Sperry said she favors the idea of pursuing project work and pro bono during slow periods. “There’s a danger in papering over economic challenges with parties and picnics. You have to respect the staff by telling them the truth, because what motivates them is the work – doing what we do.”

Ahem. Not sure that the work is the motivating factor anymore over at Grey West. Folks are pretty darn bitter. Remember that part of Grey’s reinvention involves the hiring of young, very talented creatives like Guy Seese over at West and the always lovely Tor Myhren in New York. One could argue that Tor is having the better time of it.

So, Sperry herself said that Seese is the “the future of Grey.” Well, what if Grey SF doesn’t have a future?

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