Fallon’s Back in the Saddle with The Ladders

By Matt Van Hoven 

Need $100k? Who doesn’t. The latest work coming out of Fallon Minneapolis (which can be seen above) put $100,000 where people could see it. And of course, they video-taped the experiment. Why that amount? Duh, theLadders focuses on $100k + jobs only.

The campaign’s execution is media semi-passionate (as Dean Crutchfield would put it), utilizing Web and direct mail points for delivery. Media-passionate, then, would be full use of all media entry points…traditional, new bla bla bla.

The video is our favorite part, and frankly, we’ve been waiting for something worthwhile to come out of the once-on-top-shop. Seriously. These days, we’re cheerleaders for good things. And Fallon’s new work is just that. Look, we’re not saying it’s going to win a pencil, but there’s nothing wrong with pointing it out, sharing the love, not talking about layoffs et al. Btw we’re going to talk about layoffs later today. Ugh.

A note about the DM portion. The agency sent/will send 2,000 plexi-glass boxes (a la video) containing faux $100k to a bunch of top HR folks. Kinda cool, though we’re curious to know what said HRers will do with the box once the point is made…Straight in the trash? Ugly.

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