So, What Happened to Grey SF’s Blog?

By Matt Van Hoven 

A kindly tipster pointed us to Grey SF’s blog, which until recently (we have no idea how long it’s been out of operation) could be found at blogs dot greysf dot com. But it no longer exists.

Hmm. We put in a call to Grey SF, hoping to speak with Brad Fogel, EVP and CMO about the matter &#151 we intended to get to the bottom of this. Ring ring, ring ring, answering machine. We left a nice message. We called again, this time looking for Mark Sanders, a publicity dude we didn’t know existed until today. Ring ring, ring ring, no answer. WTF? We left another message, for good measure.


But it’s like, 90 minutes later and they still haven’t called us back about this most serious of issues. Your blog is down, guys, and you haven’t issued a release about it? Holy schmatoley.

Maybe they’re too busy trying to save the agency? What’s going on GreySF? E-mail us at matt@mediabistro dot com or call the number I left you. Let’s talk &#151 we’ll be Freud, you be depressed, and we’ll work through this thing together. Just you, me, and the entire advertising community. OK? Kisses!

&#151 love, AgencySpy

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