Obama’s 30-min Ad May Push Back World Series

By Matt Van Hoven 

Should the World Series make it to a game six, the MLB and FOX Sports have agreed to push back the first pitch by 15 minutes &#151 from its originally scheduled 8:20 p.m. start to 8:35 p.m. If you hadn’t heard, Sen. Barack Obama bought 30 minutes on the major networks to air what amounts to the longest ad of all time that didn’t involve the phrase, “No COD, call now and receive your free set of (insert useless product here)”.

Anyway, game 6 is slated for Oct. 29th, the same day as the ad. Conflict! Wise planning on the part of Obama’s media buyers &#151 as baseball fans will undoubtedly turn on FOX before the game for some pre-competition analysis &#151 only to learn that Bam has bought that time slot. Nicely done, you sneaky campaigners you.


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