So, How Do Minneapolis Agency Planners Think?

By Kiran Aditham 

Consider this a quickfire challenge to the Minneapolis advertising “experts” as the Star-Tribune dubs them. The local trade picked the brains of folks from the likes of Olson, Colle+McVoy, Campbell Mithun and Periscope in the hopes of answering the question, “What do the choices we make say about us?” Apparently, these people know. Here are some choice responses:

Sam’s Club or Costco?


Michelle Chester, Periscope [she holds a title called “Insight Champion,” no joke]: Sam’s Club shopper: Mother Hubbard. Large families that actually need to shop at Sam’s Club because they just have that many mouths to feed. Costco shopper: Stanley Hubbard. More affluent shoppers who love “deals” and can somehow justify buying a bag of spinach as large as their adorable 6-month-old.

Wal-Mart or Target?

Colle + McVoy: The Wal-mart shopper is there for the low prices and probably stays on their budget a bit more. The Target shopper goes in for toothpaste and spends $100, coming home with a vintage knock-off Ms. Pac Man T-shirt, a $4 greeting card, a necklace, a Jonathan Adler picture frame and some new Archer Farms organic fruit snacks.

Red wine or white wine?

[SVP, group planning director Lynn] Franz: Red wine says, “My dreams involve large, stinky cheeses chasing me into the dark woods,” whereas white wine says, “I dream of butterflies and sunsets.”

Yep, we feel much better, advertising Freuds. Read more responses here.