Snickers Takes Credit for Kansas City’s Super Bowl Win and More

By Erik Oster 

Love it, hate it or feel indifferent towards it, BBDO New York’s cynical remake of Coca-Cola’s famous “Hilltop” ad for Snickers was certainly memorable.

With “Snickers Fixes The World” still fresh in minds of Super Bowl viewers, the brand has unveiled a series of follow-ups in which the brand claims its bizarre giant Snickers offering is succeeding at “fixing the world.”

In a pair of 15-second spots from BBDO New York and AMV BBDO Luis Guzmán claims Snickers deserves credit for everyday victories.


“Chancellor” opens with Guzman asking a “college admissions guy” how it’s going. When he responds that he hasn’t been offered any bribes by b-list celebrities recently, Guzman takes it as a sign that the Snickers hole is to thank for that progress.

“Online Date,” meanwhile, sees Guzman take credit when a woman reports back that her date has cleared a very low bar in his ordering etiquette. So that’s nice. Thanks, Snickers.

Snickers is taking credit for some larger victories as well. Namely, the Kansas City Chiefs’ first Super Bowl victory since 1970. The brand took out a print ad in the Kansas City Star, implying that the city should be thanking Snickers (and not, you know, Super Bowl MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes) for the Chiefs finally winning it all. The brand does not seem to have run an apology ad in San Francisco.