SMFB Shows ‘Where Good Days Start’ for IKEA

By Erik Oster 

Norwegian agency SMFB is launching a new integrated campaign for IKEA’s latest collection, which, for the first time, centers around an interactive video rather than a traditional television commercial (although there’s one of those, too).

The interactive video, entitled “Where Good Days Start,” is a collaboration between SMFB and production company Media Monks. It follows the story of a young Scandinavian family as they go through their morning routine. Viewers can interact with the story and unlock “hidden” content, allowing them to explore how each family member gets ready for the day. You can check out the trailer above, and head here for the full experience (English speaking readers may want to turn on the subtitles in the upper right hand corner).


“The idea was to surprise viewers throughout the film,” said Jeroen van der Meer, MediaMonks interactive director, who collaborated with film director Tom Rijpert on the project. “With a score of extra content, you can diverge from the main storyline at any point during the film to learn more about the featured family members and products in short, interactive scenes.”

Stick around for the 60-second television spot, along with credits, after the jump.



Creatives: Alexander Gjersøe, André Koot, Hans Martin Roenneseth, Hans Magne Ekre

Designers: Stina Norgren, Nicklas Hellborg

Project Manager: Mari Engen

Motion Graphics Designer: Arnar Halldorsson

Digital Director: Christoffer Lorang Dahl

Strategic/Planning Director: Kristian Kristiansen

Banner Production: SMFB Factory

Campaign Activation: SMFB Engine


Music: TVC

Artist: Fred Åkerström

Song: “Jag ger dig min morgon”



Production Company: MediaMonks

Director: Tom Rijpert

Executive Producers: Joris Pol, Noor van Geloven

Producers/PM: Thomas Smit, Dennis de Rooy

Editors: Sander van Wijk, Will Judge

Post-Production Company: MediaMonks Films, de Grot, Glassworks                    


Executive Creative Director: Jeroen van der Meer

Senior Designer: Bas Strien

Art Director: Matthijs Kip

Senior Illustrator: Edouard Relou

Head of Post Production: Okke Voerman

Senior Compositor: Richard van Dusschoten

3D Modeling: Ivo Diependaal, Tashina van Zwam

3D Physics: Martijn Grootendorst

3D Animator: Rik Schutte

Compositing: Melissa van het Spijker

Flash Developer: Roland den Hertog, Corstiaan Smorenburg

HTML Developer: Lars van Braam

Lead Action Script: Stephan Bezoen

JS Developer: Peter van der Noord

Game Developer: Mark Knol

Back-end Developer: Chase Sillevis

Animation Director: Pierre Nelwan

Senior Animator: Vincent Mei

Animators: Michiel Schellekens, Jeremy Woons, Peter Oosterhoff, Arjan Dekker, Patrick Brem

Music: Jorrit Kleijnen

Senior Sound Designer: Dave van Luttervelt

Sound Designer: Lars van Leeuwen