Škoda Auto Splits Its Global Creative Account Between OPTIMIST and WPP’s thjnk

By Patrick Coffee 

In the midst of all these huge global reviews for creative and media auto accounts, here’s an interesting one: Czech company Škoda has opted to split its creative AOR duties between two agencies moving forward.

The brand, which is part of Volkswagen, chose L.A.-based OPTIMIST and thjnk, a Hamburg shop that got scooped up by WPP just over a year ago, after a competitive review.


Rosapark, which recently scored attention for this “I Love the ’90s” spot for the client, will retain its business in France.

Client market leads in Prague will be able to simultaneously access the two agencies for services including “strategy, classic advertising, digital content marketing, experience design and point-of-sale marketing,” with the idea being that they can then get the best of both worlds.

OPTIMIST, which also conveniently has an office in Hamburg, is best known for its experiential work for clients like Nike, Google and, crucially, Lincoln; here’s a reel.

The client’s head of marketing Marc-A. Brinkmann said, “We have ambitious aims for Škoda,” adding that the two agencies’ shared knowledge of the auto space would “give the brand even more appeal and presence in the international markets.”

“During the pitch it became clear that we can set new benchmarks in car communications with the joint venture between OPTIMIST and thjnk,” added head of global marketing communication content and strategy Thanh Vu Tran.

A big component of the new partnership will involve creating a more interactive experience for consumers, which we presume to include the gargantuan task of selling cars without forcing them to walk through a lot.

That said, there will still be ads. Here’s one from two years ago.