Sharing is (Not) Caring

By Matt McCarron 

After partnering with Spike Jonze on his 30-minute Sundance entry, I’m Here, then creating a Brooklyn-inspired bottle with Spike Lee, Absolut continues down the artist-inspired road in their latest (aptly-named) campaign, Art of Sharing.

Art of Sharing centers on Absolut’s new line of “sharing pitchers,” because while they of course want you to “enjoy Absolut responsibly,” you shouldn’t have to waste time making individuals drinks.


Working with TBWA\Chiat\Day NY, four pitchers were designed by graffiti artist Steve Powers and Chiho Aoshima, known for her Japanese pop art. Each artist designed two bottles.

(editor: Since Chiat still hates us, they refused to comment on the whole project. Way to promote, gang.)

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