Screw Vista. Microsoft’s Next Big Thing.

By SuperSpy 

WE HEAR THAT… Microsoft is working on a some sort of pod. A Japanese School girl style pod/kiosk type thing. Consumers will be able to jack into the pod, which is the size of barbershop pole and download content on the go in public areas.

What’s the device called? No idea.
When is launching? Not sure. It may be what Crispin is working on with these crazy, oblique ads. Those Seinfeld spots may be leading to something much bigger. Or, maybe not. Maybe they’re just awful. However, we also know that Microsoft is out looking for advertising agencies. For what? Again, don’t know.


Crispin will continue to handle Vista. McCann has Xbox and Zune. [correction: Zune is now with CP+B]. This new thing – no idea who and what agency will responsible for the business. With the Vista team going outside of the guidelines for Microsoft (“You must use McCann!”), the gloves are off and teams from the mega-tech company are looking for agencies that suit their sensibilities.

We shall most certainly keep you updated. If you want to share what you know, please hit us up at superspyin at gmail dot com. Excellent.