Crispin Porter And Microsoft? It’s A Sh*t Show

By SuperSpy 

Microsoft has pulled those oblique Jerry Seinfeld ads. And good heavens. What where they advertising? What were the million dollars of production and media buys trying to say? Who knows. Apparently, Jerry is out and phase two, which will be known to all media tomorrow, involves something else entirely.

Tech Crunch, Valleywag, The Denver Egotist, Adweek… all of them say the same thing – the ads have been pulled. While the ads were the subject of internet buzz, it was mostly bad, bad, bad buzz. So you know. Try, try again.


Microsoft is sticking with Crispin, but you know… we’re going to report on some Microsoft news today and in the near future that may make Crispin’s perch seem a bit more precarious. Stay tuned…

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