SapientNitro and the Ad Council Think Maybe You Should Reconsider Wasting Food

By Patrick Coffee 

In case you still thought that SapientNitro is all about crunching numbers rather than doing actual work, the Publicis unit released one of those pro-bono campaigns for the Ad Council today.

It’s part of a national service effort called “Save the Food,” and it illustrates the many steps in the life of a strawberry in order to remind us that we really shouldn’t just throw those things away like so much paper.

It’s also set to the theme from Up, which is obviously one of the better Pixar movies. This particular strawberry seems to have a thing for limes…?

That was pretty good, no? And the fact that we waste 40% of our food is completely ridiculous given that we’re always strapped for cash. It’s a hard thing to avoid!


The website tells us that your average four-person family loses $1500 every year on wasted food, which is like the amount that Martin Sorrell makes on stock dividends every fifteen seconds.

A bunch of celebrities are supporting the cause, and there’s a food tank summit today in D.C. to discuss the matter. We would make a lame 420 joke here but choose to abstain because wow, we really do not care for those…and Snapchat’s Bob Marley blackface disaster provided more than enough dumb weed humor for one year.