Droga5 and The Rock Want to Sell You Under Armour’s HealthBox

By Erik Oster 

Yes, it’s another Droga5 post. But this one has a VO from the guy who will soon star in a remake of the Shaquille O’Neal classic Shazam!

Last month, Droga5 introduced Dwayne Johnson‘s new lifestyle brand, which the actor formerly known as The Rock created in partnership with Under Armour. Now Johnson’s relationship with said brand and agency continues as he provides voiceover for Droga5’s spot introducing Under Armour’s new fitness tech offering HealthBox.

The ad in question boils down to Johnson waxing philosophical about all the things you can do now with the touch of a button, from dating to steaming your shirt to ordering a helicopter. This is in contrast to HealthBox, he says, as a bro decked out in Under Armour gear taps a button and sets off on his workout, with which “nothing happens…unless you make it happen.”

There’s probably a joke in there somewhere about how if you want to pay for nothing to happen you can buy a copy of Sofia Coppola‘s Somewhere.


At any rate, we’re not sure the approach succeeds in being inspirational, in part because the “make anything happen with a touch of a button” schtick is slightly exaggerated. It also doesn’t do a lot to explain how the brand differs from its competition. Still, we do appreciate that this isn’t an ad for a $130 duffel bag.