Santander Bank Campaign Shows Us Why Idioms Are Fun

By Minda Smiley 

Fan of wordplay? Then sit back, relax and enjoy these spots from Santander Bank, where the figurative becomes literal.

Courtesy of Arnold Worldwide, we meet a woman whose new checking count inexplicably comes with a pony clad in a top hat. When it starts singing the same song on loop, her friend informs her that she was duped into banking with—you guessed it—a one-trick pony.


But perhaps this is the funnier one—if you’re nostalgic for the ‘90s, we highly recommend.

Santander, of course, promises it would never pull these kinds of shenanigans with its customers. The spots are part of the brand’s “Respect Adds Up” campaign.

“We live in an environment where consumers have unfortunately been made to feel somewhat insignificant by storied financial institutions, and as a result are wary of many large banks,” Icaro Doria, CCO at Arnold Worldwide, said in a statement. “The respect adds up to a narrative that we’ve brought to life, and solidifies Santander as a reliable and trusted partner within the larger lexicon of banking in our markets.”