‘Sanity is Served’ in Müller’s Cynical Spot

By Erik Oster 

Müller takes a cynical approach in its latest spot, created in collaboration with production company Society, presenting its dessert-inspired yogurt as an escape for stressed out moms.

The spot opens on one such mom staining her white shirt with pasta sauce. “This is me not starting happy hour the second they get on the bus,” she says as she opens up a packet of Müller (uh…hooray for preventing alcoholism?). Another mom opens up a packet of the yogurt instead of dropping her kids off at the side of the road, while a third says, “This is me not telling Skylar he was an accident” while eating the product in the wake of a stained couch. The whole approach of the ad, directed by Society’s Rachel Goldenberg is to exaggerate stressed out mom scenarios for comedic effect. But some moms aren’t a big fan of the joke. As Adweek points out, reactions on Facebook are mixed, with some criticizing the moms perceived inappropriateness (ie. the “accident” comment, which would be pretty reprehensible in real life) and others claiming the spot is “encouraging stress eating.” You can’t please everybody (even within the crowd you’re pandering to, apparently).


Client: Müller
Director of Marketing: Brian Hannigan
Senior Marketing Manager: Katie Corsentino
Production Company: Society
Director: Rachel Goldenberg
Executive Producer: Harry Calbom
Head of Production: Rebecca Parenteau
Production Supervisor: Ashley Holloway
Assistant Coordinator: Sarah A. Miller
Consultant: Esther Johnson
Director of Photography: Andrew Davis
1st Assistant Camera: Nito Serna
Production Designer: Celine Diano
Set Dresser: Aimee Athnos
Gaffer: Nikolas Smith
Key Grip: Rob Exner
Sound: Chris Powell
Key Costumer: Jane Johnston
Hair / Makeup: Carleigh Herbert
Food Stylist: Eugene Jho
Editorial Company: The Academy
Editor: Josh Snyder
Editorial Company: Milkhaus
Editor / Colorist: Dave Krahling
Composite Artist: James Durée