Saatchi LA’s ECD Resigns: But Why Did He leave?

By Matt Van Hoven 

AgencySpy has learned more about what happened after Saatchi LA lost the Toyota Venza account to ATTIK. The account itself was lost a few weeks ago, but SLA was given a chance to get a smaller piece of Venza work, but they missed that opportunity too. At that point, their star player walked off the field.

According to sources, there were two Venza projects to be won. The larger project was the first one Saatchi LA didn’t get (a few weeks ago). The second, a smaller Venza gig, was Saatchi LA’s second chance (after all, they are Toyota USA’s AoR) at keeping part of the new model in-house.

But just this past Monday, ATTIK won that project, too. We’re told that by Tuesday, ECD Harvey Marco quit.


Sources close to the matter say his departure was rumored for months before. We’re also told that there will likely be layoffs at Saatchi LA (one of the S&S empire’s brightest stars…until now). But, you probably already guessed that.