Shops to Drop

By Matt Van Hoven 

Each day, we get a bunch of tips that don’t seem to go anywhere because they aren’t confirmable (our word) or no one got back to us. And being that today’s Friday, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites from this week. That said, the following tips are speculative.

(ed’s note: we appreciate your tips very very very very much, so please keep sending them, and we’ll keep following up on them.)


See the tips after the jump.

“Alcone Marketing Group is imploding after losing the Heineken business, reportedly worth $5MM. Their Chief Creative Officer has exited along with their SVP, Managing Director Interactive… guess they are still stuck in the FSI days of old. Bill Hahn, CEO is probably on the chopping block as well.”

We don’t have any spies in the Alcone region, so this is unconfirmed. If anyone wants to further inform us, please do.

“Alright call this one however you want, but Omnicom media shop PHD is hemorrhaging employees. This past week 4 of them quit including one AMD. The reason? Let’s just say it has less to do with the work and more to do with the management.”

Hemorrhaging might be a bit strong for this tip, since Omnicom is huge and four is a relatively small number. But since we aren’t sure how many people work in that office, it’s not really fair to say. This is also just a rumor.

And finally…

“Grey is laying more people off.”

“Things seem to be going from bad to worse at Grey SF. These are the shining stars on their new business horizon? Jeez. BBVA Compass Bank &#151 in finals Edward Jones &#151 hoping to get on short list How long before the Mother Ship just gives up?”

What else is new. It’s a big company, times are tough…please put this into context either via the number of people, or giving us the name of someone who knows.