R/West, FLIR One Want You to ‘Meet The Heat’

By Erik Oster 

Portland, Oregon-based agency R/West launched a campaign for FLIR One, which provides thermal imaging technology to everyday smart phone users. Tasked with illustrating the technology’s usefulness, the agency created an online spot entitled “Meet The Heat.”

“Meet The Heat” stars Brian Posehn as a wannabe-superhero whose only power appears to be the thermal imaging provided by FLIR One. The Heat admits that becoming a world-class superhero has been “a bit of a work in progress,” as he struggles to change in a phone booth, lift weights or go anywhere at a reasonable speed. Still, thanks to the FLIR One, he’s at least “a hero of the household,” as he uses it to check for drafty windows, clogged pipes and other problems. While the humor might not elicit any belly laughs, Posehn’s dry delivery makes him perfect for the role and the ad effectively illustrates practical purposes for the technology. “Meet The HEAT” is being promoted through the brand’s social channels, with new spots expected every month for the rest of the year. Upcoming ads will see the character helping a “Damsel in Distress” with a clogged pipe and locate a lost feline in “Here, Kitty Kitty.”


Director: Sean Blixseth
Director of Photography: Joe Meade
Writer/Associate Creative Director: Taylor Siolka
Producer: Mitch Ludke
Editor: Casey Nolan
Art Director: Ian Johnson