Photographers Create Atmospheric Images for Nordic Cruise Line

By Kiran Aditham 

Here’s the true story of three photographers whose pictures encompass a new ad campaign from now-independent Helsinki/Stockholm-based agency hasan & partners that covers the Baltic Sea for leisure company Silja Line.

Olivia ScanUsing famed author/essayist Marcel Proust as a catalyst, Tokyo-based Joji Shimamoto, New York’s own Olivia Bee and Alejandro Chaskielberg of Buenos Aires create their own travelogue with “Project Rediscovery.” The project uses as its foundation this classic Proust line:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes.”

To date, the project has launched in Scandinavian markets, catering to the Finns and the Swedes–but the client and agency hope their picturesque work could have mass appeal.

Silja Line marketing director Hanna Länsivuori explains how the company looked to channel the photographers’ sense of inspiration buy granting them free reign to capture the natural beauty of the land:

“Our renewed fleet of advanced cruise ferries made us think how can we inspire our customers to sail the Baltic Sea and enjoy our archipelago. To liven things up we borrowed the photographers’ eyes to encourage customers to fall in love again with the region’s beauty. The different points of view are a total surprise and will inspire people to take a trip.”

Creative Director: Tobias Wacker
Creatives: Ilkka Sairanen, Henri Haka
Producer: Emily Reed
Designer: Luca Rossi
Account Director: Sari Heinilä
Account Managers: Mari Orpana, Mikko Rosvall

Production company: hasan motion:
Producers: Josie Tarvainen, Tommi Lius, Mika Onnela, Ville Salonen, Italo Moncada, Otto Ikäheimonen
hasan dev: Dean Clatworthy, developer
Perfect Fools: Kim Korte, developer
Photographer(s) Scout: Summerhill management, Joji Shimamoto, Olivia Bee, Alejandro Chaskíelberg
Media agency ToinenPhd