RPA Laid Off Around 6% of Employees Last Week

By Erik Oster 

Independent Santa Monica, Calif.-based agency RPA went through a round of layoffs last week, impacting around 45 employees across divisions.

In a statement, an agency representative confirmed that RPA reduced staff to match lower client spending, resulting in approximately 6% of its 750 positions across disciplines being eliminated. The agency representative stressed that the layoffs were not the result of any client losses.

“The impact of the ongoing pandemic to our economy has created pressure on many of our clients’ businesses. With the closing of our 2020 fiscal year, we are realizing the cumulative effect of many shifts in client spending and fees. We appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of all our associates and are committed to supporting each of them during these challenging times,” the agency rep said, adding that despite the setbacks, RPA has had a strong year for new business, including a $15 million retainer, project work and the media business for Carl’s Jr. and Hardees.


The move follows an earlier round of layoffs at RPA in March, which impacted 2.8% of staff. As with this measure, the agency attributed the decision to reduced client scopes rather than any particular client losses. The news follows on the heels of the September departure of longtime creative leader Jason Sperling, who left to join Facebook’s Reality Labs as executive creative director.