Rolling Stone Draws Inspiration from Steve Jobs to Target Argentinean Youth

By Kiran Aditham 

While Apple continues releasing new products and services (for better or worse), the spirit of Steve Jobs continues to loom large–not just over the company he co-founded but the media landscape as a whole.

In an effort to pay homage to the late tech giant and inspire a new generation of Argentinean youngsters in the process, Rolling Stone magazine, with the help of Miami/Buenos Aires-based agency The Community (formerly la comunidad), launched a campaign with a simple imperative: Question Everything.


In this :90 second spot, life’s questions, from the mundane to the, well, less mundane, are posed via voiceover by an army of bespectacled, black turtleneck-clad “Steves” in the hopes that the answers will provoke viewers to change the world. Or something.

Like Jobs himself, the ultimate question that agency and magazine propose, no matter what the topic, is “could this be simpler?” It’s a clever and timely ad considering Apple’s big WWDC event this week.

Chief creative officer: Joaquin Molla / Jose Molla
Executive Creative officer: Ramiro Raposo, Fernando Sosa
Art Director: Fernando Zagales
Copywriter: Juan Mesz
Group Account director: Sebastian Diaz
Executive account: Lucas Saez
Audiovisual producer: Matias Castro
Responsible for the client: Branowski Bárbara, Paula Rottenbücher

Production company: Barry Company
Director: Mariana Youssef
Director of photography: Adolpho Veloso
Director 1st Assistant: Elton Takii
Art Director: Guilherme Marini
Production director: Tadeu Piantino
Wardrobe: Heloisa Cobra
Account manager: Juliana Martellotta
Executive producer: Krysse Mello

Editor: Alexandre Boechat / Rodolpho Ponzio
Post Production: Fulano Filmes
Post Production coordinator: Karina Vallesi
Post Production supervisor: Ale Cois
Post Production supervisor assistant: Sabrina Comar

Sound: Animal
Music Production: André Caccia Bava