R/GA Finds ‘The Sweet Spot’ for Samsung’s Radiant 360 Speakers

By Erik Oster 

R/GA launched a campaign for Samsung’s new Radiant 360 speakers with the broadcast ad “The Sweet Spot.”

“The Sweet Spot” tells the story of one Edwin Balldinger, who wakes up one morning to find that suddenly everything is going his way. His college ring, lost in the ocean years earlier somehow flows out of the faucet, he plays a perfect round of golf, he inadvertently creates a food art masterpiece and his long-dormant lemon tree fruits. When his Samsung Radiant 360 speakers show up, he wishes he had some friends to share the tunes with, right as a group of buddies show up at his door. It’s an entertaining look at a perfectly charmed life, with the concept obviously extending from the speakers’ concentric rings of sound always putting you in “the sweet spot.”

While the full-length version perhaps could have been trimmed from two minutes to 90-seconds it only slightly overstays its welcome and the idea is broad enough that there’s plenty of room to explore it further with future ads in the campaign, making it one of the better concepts R/GA has created for Samsung.