Chicago’s ‘Teddy Goalsevelt’ Ad Guys Will Bust Your Balls This Movember

By Patrick Coffee 

The agency dudes behind Teddy Goalsevelt and the fake MLB pillbox hat scoop have been busy during their down time.

Movember continues to be a yearly event among agencies even though the contrarians at Slate tell us that “celebrating masculinity does not actually protect men” because butt cancer is worse than ball cancer and one of the writers hates the whole “sexist…exclusionary” thing so much that he shaved off his poor excuse for a beard, good riddance.

This year has been a little short on Movember headlines, though there was the “Sexy Men of Technology” calendar from GSW and the Carlsberg “beer’d” work from CP+B Copenhagen and a Martin Agency project for Hanes.

Three Chicago guys wanted to remedy that situation by bringing our attention back to the balls where it belongs. Jesse Alkire (senior copywriter, Jacobson Rost), Dan Jordan (“mekanista” at Mekanism) and Teddy himself, better known as Mike D’Amico (VP/creative director at Golin) rounded up all your favorite testicular impact clips in a spec spot.

Not only have they racked up 100,000 views on the YouTubes, they also scored the unofficial but coveted “frist!” comment status on their own video. (That view total MAY be higher for this one than for other efforts by REAL ad agencies.)

But what were these bros THINKING?!

Alkire tells us that the trio “took inspiration from old clips of America’s Funniest Home Videos, some of our favorite movie nut shot moments, and also the millions of ball kick videos on Youtube,” because “people REALLY love watching guys get kicked in the nards” for whatever reason.

Jordan gets it: “This was a concept we had a while back and realized ‘Why don’t we just make this ourselves?’ I’d love to think [the attention] is because people are really into the cause, but unfortunately I think it’s because people just love kicks to the nuts.”

The three simply got together, gathered their personal ball-breaking highlights, and “picked the ones we thought were most recognizable and went together nicely.” We hear that there may also have been some beer involved.

Jordan says, “The most important message is to remember to donate this November regardless of whose Movember account you donate to.”

Finally, from Alkire: “I wouldn’t want to live in a world without balls, because that world just wouldn’t be as funny and this video is possibly the best evidence of that.”