R/GA and Its Newest Client, NFL Media, Love Thursday

By Patrick Coffee 

Unbeknownst to us, the NFL has expanded its creative agency roster with the addition of one Robert Greenberg and Associates.

R/GA, which won the NFL Media business (not the same as the league itself!) back in May after a review, sort-of debuted its new campaign today in our little sister publication. The ad, titled “Anything Can Happen,” celebrates Thursdays. Specifically, it’s about Thursday Night Football, and the campaign will officially launch next Thursday as part of the program, which will air on different networks throughout the season. It is very confusing.

BTW, are you ready for some football??


This isn’t the only project R/GA has created for the NFL (Media). Here, for example, is a spot from the “More Football” campaign promoting NFL Game Pass Domestic with some help from the Pointer Sisters and a bunch of awkward men. We can’t embed it, because why would the NFL want people to be able to share these ads?

This move does not appear to affect Grey’s long-term status as the league’s agency of record, but given that there was (apparently) a review, it would seem that R/GA took work that had been with some other party. Various agencies including Heat have worked on the NFL account in recent years.

At least streaming NFL games will save Twitter, though. No but seriously, how does that make any sense? Twitter is all about constantly scrolling through the “content” and never achieving any real form of satisfaction, so why would anyone use it to watch something on a static video? If we wanted to stream things on Twitter, we would call it YouTube and be done with the whole damn thing. Maybe NFL teams’ hashtag-triggered emojis will turn Twitter into a profit machine.

No credits of course, because look at this client.