NCAA Football Rivals Meet at ‘Crossroads’ in W+K New York’s Latest for ESPN

By Erik Oster 

Last August, W+K New York launched the second year of its “Who’s In?” campaign for ESPN College Football with the vaguely sinister 60-second spot “The Message.”

This year the agency took the campaign into its third year with an effort that tunes down the menace a little bit while still communicating the intensity of college football rivalries with a new spot which made its broadcast debut during the network’s Labor Day Weekend coverage of NCAA football. “Crossraods” sees a variety of teams, represented by mascots all happening to pass through the same roadside gas station en route to each team’s particular path to the College Football Playoffs. “Let me tell you something,” says the gas station attendant to a Tiger mascot, “there isn’t one road to the playoffs, there are many, one for each team. There are leprechauns and gremlins, underdogs and regular dogs.” Only four of these teams, however, will “get in.”

The gas station “crossroads” will serve as the hub of campaign throughout the NCAA Football season, which will run through the end of the College Football Playoffs in January. It will include several more spots, as well as supporting digital, print and social elements. 

“If we’ve learned anything these last two years, there isn’t only one road to the Playoff,” ESPN senior director of marketing  Emeka Ofodile said in a statement. “Ask Ohio State year one.  Ask Alabama year two.  There are many roads to the Playoff and each season, it’s all about finding the right one.”