Red Tettemer Sticks with Stick and Move

By Kiran Aditham Comment

With the Phillies getting kicked out of the playoffs, the Eagles in a QB quandary and, oh, who gives a shit about the Sixers, the City of Brotherly Love could use a little positive news. Well, at least the ad industry will do for now. Red Tettemer announced today that it’s acquired fellow Philly shop, Stick and Move, which you may remember from a Facebook freebie not so long ago or our own Boutique Call (someone needs to dust that off) from 2008.

As a result of the acquisition, the founders of the five-year-old Stick and Move–CP+B ex-pats Steve O’Connell (specs-sporting guy, top right) and Jared Scott (suit on couch)–will serve as partners and ECD and SVP, accounts, respectively. In addition, Red Tettemer will undergo a drastic name change to Red Tettemer + Partners while Carla Mote (seated as well) has been promoted from EVP, executive director to managing partner and will work closely with Scott on account management and new business activity.