Martin Sorrell Will Now Take Your Questions

By Matt Van Hoven 

(Sir) Martin Sorrell is head of the world’s most successful advertising holding company, WPP, which just reported its highest like-for-like revenues since 2000, rising 7.5%. And they just invested $5 million investment in Buddy Media. Flag, meet sand.

At times, Sorrell appears to be all-seeing, at least when it comes to business – and his penchant for advice-giving is familiar to the world’s economy. For example, he recently said the BBC should take a 16% cut (as suggested). Many of you have expressed disdain over the fact that an economist’s running things, and we’re aware that there’s some left-over angst out there. Consider this our attempt at being constructive.

As we’ve done in the past, today we’re asking you to send in questions for Martin to answer, exclusively for you. He’s agreed to answer 10, from you, the readers of AgencySpy. Drop them in the tips box, send them in an email or put them in comments. Any way you can, get us your questions and we’ll get them to Martin. We won’t tell him who they’re from, so think of this as your chance to pin WPP on its tactics. Or to find out more about where the company is headed. Whatever you like, we’ll cull the best and send them his way.

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