Red Bee Media Gets Animated for BBC Radio 4

By Erik Oster 

Red Bee Media recently teamed up with production company Strange Beast and Polish directing duo Kijek/Adamski for a new spot blending stop-motion and 2D animation to promote the BBC’s “Radio 4 in Four.”

The ad opens by asking, “What can you do in four minutes?” before answering with “boil an egg,” and “change a lightbulb” and suggesting that “Radio 4 in Four Minutes” is a more productive use of time. Going on to stoke viewers’ curiosity with animated representations of a few stories, the spot ends by directing viewers to the “Radio 4 in Four” website and asking, “Where will four minutes take you?”

The stylized animation provides a clever way to get people interested in the stories without giving too much away, and the stories themselves seem carefully selected to represent the kind of subjects covered on Radio 4. So viewers get an idea of what they can expect, with something to stoke the interest of different types of readers. While it may not be the most inventive or memorable spot, the ad communicates its message rather neatly in its attempt to attract readers, although not providing a link to the website at the end of the ad seems an oversight (it is published in the video description on YouTube).


Production Company: Strange Beast

Directors: Kijek/Adamski

Executive Producer: Sam O’Keefe

Producer: Geraldine McCarthy


Agency: Red Bee Media

Creative: Simon Matthews

CD: Dan Moore

Producer: Nicole Coleman

Client:  BBC Radio 4