Deutsch NY Brings All 12 Days of Christmas to Life for PNC

By Patrick Coffee 

Today is the day that Deutsch NY client PNC Bank releases its annual “Christmas Price Index,” which helps put the old 12-day carol in perspective by pricing every gift on the list.

A release tells us that the agency noted that the song had hit an all-time low in popularity this year and sought to reinvigorate it by presenting users with a “modern twist” on each item.

The corresponding “The Great Carol Comeback” site features an intro explaining PNC’s role in the project as well as a page for each present. First comes the partridge in his pear tree, which has risen in price thanks to both inflation and a healthy tech addiction (readers should click for the full interactive book experience):


We liked the Grinch-worthy ending. Next: the videos.

The two turtle doves will set you back $125, and they’re available in both “classic” and “dovestep” varieties:

Three french hens are just enough to form a hair band:

Four calling birds would be far too pricey for our limited budget, but we didn’t have to pay anything for this four-man performance:

Five golden rings almost make for a glass-powered orchestra:

These six geese made a movie that is either an Expendables joke or the best Howard the Duck reference in memory:

six geese

In the next extended spot, a certain ugly duckling learns to swim with his more eloquent feathered friends:

The eight milking maids do not need more cowbell:

The nine ladies dancing only seem to be moving in a completely uncoordinated fashion:

The Deutsch team cast a group of flying squirrels as its lords a leaping:

Those pipers piping become bagpipers trolling tourists in Central Park as part of a live stunt:

Finally, these twelve drummers could power either a full marching band or the season’s most impressive CGI home holiday light display:

The release doesn’t tell us much about distribution for the project, but PNC’s yearly event is popular enough to drive traffic to the site with a bit of help from high-profile media placements.


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