Rebel Creamery Taps TDA Boulder as First Agency of Record

By Kyle O'Brien 

TDA Boulder has been chosen by Rebel Creamery as agency of record for the company’s entire line of zero sugar, full-fat ice creams and milk products. TDA Boulder is charged with developing a national awareness campaign targeting ice cream lovers who are looking for a healthier option without sacrificing flavor.

As the brand’s first AOR, TDA Boulder will also shape the full spectrum of brand marketing activities for Rebel Creamery including strategy, creative and media.

“We’re excited for our next stage of growth and pumped to begin partnering with TDA Boulder to show the world what great tasting, low sugar ice cream and dairy looks like,” said Scott Lee, head of marketing, Rebel Creamery in a statement.


Rebel Creamery’s Austin and Courtney Archibald had been making homemade ice cream for years before deciding to stop eating sugar. They found that existing ice cream options had too much sugar and did not have the creamy texture of real ice cream. They worked with various food scientists to develop the lowest net carb ice cream that had the taste and texture they thought ice cream deserved and in 2017 ran a Kickstarter campaign to test their concept.

“I love ice cream and consume it with regularity and with abandon,” stated Jonathan Schoenberg, ecd, partner at TDA Boulder in a statement. “Sugar-free or reduced sugar alternatives have never tasted very good to me and then I found Rebel. This stuff is crazy delicious.”