Razorfish’s 2009 Digital Outlook Report

By SuperSpy 

Razorfish published their 2009 Digital Outlook Report this week, which culls media spending patterns across advertisers around the country and thoughts on the future of digital. Here’s a round up of some of that thinking from the overwhelming 180 pages of their PDF:

– “We are in the second year of a major shift away from portals toward niche targeting over a wide array of media choices.”

– “Social media and Social Influence Marketing exploded this year partly due to the economic downturn. Consumers began losing faith in large institutions and experts and turned to each other for advice. Marketers embraced SIM this year too because it’s a very cost-effective means of reaching their customers.”

– “We predict “your CEO will join Facebook” this year.”

– “Social media advertising will finally hit its stride in 2009 as advertisers figure out better ways to embed social media into ad units.”

– “Advertisers continue to support search because it delivers a stronger ROI than many other tactics, especially in an economic downturn. We don’t think search is recession-proof though, and do expect some budget tightening in 2009.”

– “Television is undergoing a fundamental shift – it is going digital in all aspects and is becoming more niche in terms of both audiences and programming.”

– “A long tail of television is emerging as audiences are increasingly dividing their time between computer screens, TV sets, mobile devices, gaming systems and set-top boxes. This will cause both content providers and marketers to reinvent the way they present content and experiences.”

Yeah, but you knew all that didn’t you?

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