Colle+McVoy Elevates Their Sometime Boyfriend, Mike Caguin

By SuperSpy 

Mike Caguin has been tapped as the new ECD over at Colle+McVoy. He replaces Mike Fetrow who joined Space 150 way back in December. Caguin is an inside guy. He’s been a group creative director at the agency for the last three years.

However, he hasn’t always been a company man. A few years ago, say 2004, Caguin and Eric Husband (pictured above) bailed on Colle+McVoy to work as senior creatives for Butler Shine Stern and Partners. The pair ended up returning to the Minneapolis agency to be ACDs in 2006. Oh and wait! That flop marked the third time that Caguin and Husband came crawling back to Colle+McVoy. Back then, John Jarvis, Colle+McVoy’s ex-CEO and chief creative officer, said: “-really, most of all, we like them. And their work isn’t bad either.” True. Caugin has done some good stuff for the shops he has worked at.


But, seriously, though… The agency is kind of like Audrina Patridge on that dumtastic show, The Hills. Audrina was always being taken advantage of by her boyfriend, Justin. She was constantly letting him back into the bed despite his lack of loyalty and ADD, roving eye.

Audrina? Colle+McVoy? Listen to Oprah. If someone abuses your love, don’t take them back! Caugin, congrats to you though. Nice work. His press release statement read: “This is an the opportunity of a lifetime to build on the great work and momentum we have created over the last few years.” Well, if something better doesn’t come along, right?

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